Development of H.U.T.S. began with the notion of creating an object of use for the community.  The historic and innovative Beltline concept is changing, and will continue to change, Atlanta.  That the project is moving forward is itself inspiring.  The Beltline carries along with it the power to change neighborhoods.  Such power also brings with it the burden of caring for the new and revitalized spaces that decorate and nestle the Beltline. That power and burden are harnessed and reconciled when combined with the enduring desire of neighborhoods and community leaders to improve the aesthetics of their surroundings, thereby attracting all of the positives that flow from living and working in a cared-for and appealing area.   Seeking to assist, facilitate, and encourage this honorable work, the anchor and edifice for this project is H.U.T.S.

Unobtrusive to the Beltline landscape, the H.U.T.S. design is inspired by nature: leaves collecting water, tree trunk structure and limbs, kudzu wrapping over forms. 

H.U.T.S. utilizes discarded plastic bottles or other reusable containers within the facades as places for planting, creating a vertical garden. 

H.U.T.S. also employs rain-water collection and informs its users on the feasibility of watering using this technique; the roof collects rain water for storage in barrels housed by the H.U.T.S. which are then used for watering of the H.U.T.S. plants and surrounding vegetation.

The structures will be used to house the items necessary for maintenance and upkeep of its natural surroundings as deemed appropriate by the neighborhood. 

H.U.T.S. focus on a sustainable approach to design, a simple, nature-inspired approach to aesthetics and inherent utility is complementary to the Beltline aspirations and empowers Atlantans to keep the Beltline beautiful.The height of H.U.T.S. is 14 feet, and thus, standard and readily available 14 foot 2x4 boards are easily installed with little cutting. The width and length (8’-6” square) of the installation are reduced from the 10 foot square allowable area to produce a more slender and elegant form.